• Homework Expectations

    Mrs. Short's 5th Grade ELA Block




     Yes, students have homework for my ELA class.
    How much homework they have each night varies by student.

    ALL STUDENTS are expected to read nightly for at least 20 minutes.

    Students who do not receive a 100% on their spelling pretest (on Monday) will be required to complete one activity from the spelling menu (located on the back of the weekly newsletter) each night Monday through Thursday. All 4 spelling practice activities are due each Friday. (Students who DO receive a 100% on their spelling pretest will be notified on Tuesday and will only need to turn in ONE spelling practice for the week- so NO homework Tuesday-Thursday)


    Students may work on unfinished work from class IF given permission to work on it at home from the teacher.


    When in doubt- please message Mrs. Short on Class Dojo. I am more than happy to answer any questions about homework.