• Attendance Policy

    It is extremely difficult to learn a foreign language without dedicating time to practice it. Absences equally affect a student’s ability to learn and practice the language, regardless of reason for not being in class. Therefore, when students are not in attendance, they will not be awarded participation points because the student was not there to participate.

    Students are able to make up participation, in the event of an absence in numerous way via extra credit points. Students are offered numerous opportunities DAILY to earn extra credit. For more details please see the extra credit section.


    It is up to each student to check for missed work in the occasion of an you may contact another student or the teacher outside of class time. Students are given 1 day for every day that they are absent to complete any make up work. Students are required to meet pre-scheduled deadlines regardless of absences. If a student is absent for a test, the student will take the test in another classroom upon his or her return. DVQs can be made up before or after school any day, with the exception of when Señora Cameron has a faculty meeting. They will not be available to be made up during a student’s lunchtime or during class. Parents must excuse absences within 48 hours or the absence will count as unexcused and  work will be put in as a zero until the excuse is verified.


    If an absence is unexcused, the student will receive a ZERO for participation and all work turned in that day, including tests and quizzes.

    ***Participation points can NOT be made up whether excused or unexcused.