• Rules and Expectations

    Students are NOT allowed to:

    1. use cell phones in class:  Family emergencies must come through the office of class phone extension 5826

    2. eat or drink in class: only acceptable items are PURE water and gum

    3. use translators/other students as a resource: the exeption would be if students have explicit instruction from the teacher to use a translator or student for help


    Students are expected to:

    1. Be inside the class the entire class. If they are not in the class from bell to bell, they will need a pass.

    2. Be present and prepared

    3. Attempt all work by themselves before reaching out to others

    4. Respect themselves, others and the classroom materials and environment

    5. Follow the instructions or the teacher

    6. Always give a valid attempt

    The Fine Print

    • Be PRESENT! If you are not here (physically or figuratively), you cannot participate and you will lose your participation points for the day each day you are “not here.”
    • Be ON TIME! If you walk in after the bell for any reason, you need a pass from the office.
    • Be PREPARED! If you don’t have the materials you need, ask for help. Sitting and doing nothing is never an option and earns you nothing (zero) in participation.
    • LISTEN TO DIRECTIONS the first time. This is imperative for your success in the class. I will only clarify directions, not repeat them. You will need to ask others if you do not listen.
    • DO YOUR OWN WORK! Cheating/copying off someone else will not be tolerated and the work of BOTH students will be destroyed and scored as a zero. This means that both the copier and the sharer get zeros and referrals and get to see their work torn up live in action. I will literally rip it in half. Cheating also applies to internet sources, parents and friends outside of the class. The whole point of this class is to teach you how to speak Spanish. If you cant do that, you’re doing it wrong.
    • RESPECT PEOPLE: You need to treat others with respect to earn respect. This classroom is intended to be fun and educational, however, one disrespectful person can make that disappear. -Being respectful also means respecting others while they are talking. This includes interrupting anyone that is talking, especially the teacher.
    • RESPECT THINGS: Treat others and their property, including school property, with respect. Altering another’s property in ANY way (ex: writing on, ripping, throwing or taking something that does not belong to you) is considered vandalism/theft. These are misdemeanors and can actually get you in trouble with the law (and Señora Cameron, administration and your parent/guardians). -Disrespect will NOT be tolerated in the classroom and offenders will be turned over to administration and the authorities.
    • SIT where you are assigned and stay seated until the bell rings (unless you have permission). Seating preferences must be emailed to Señora Cameron within your first week of class to be considered. If you need to be close to the board you must email me BEFORE seating charts are made.
    • Absolutely NO CELL PHONES!!!! (or other electronics unless given permission by the teacher). They must remain in your backpack (not in your pockets, laying on top of your backpack or on the desk). Any cell phone seen will be taken until the end of class and the student will lose their participation for that day. Repeat offenders will have their phones kept until after school and parent contact will be made. “Texting your mom” is not a valid excuse to use your cell phone. If there is truly an emergency, your “mom” can call the classroom.
    • Nothing may be on your lap/ under your legs/ behind your back without your teacher's permission. All bags and materials must remain on the floor or another desk and jackets hung on chair or put away.
    • During DVQs, other quizzes and tests nothing should be on your desk besides water, a writing utensil and the quiz/test. All visible study materials will be considered cheating, whether or not the student was using them
    • Jacket hoods need to be taken down when in the classroom. Headphones and other distracting headwear is not allowed to be worn
    • LANGUAGE AND BEHAVIOR that is inappropriate and/or disruptive will not be tolerated in the classroom. One warning will be given for an accidental slip, however, any additional incidents will result in a referral and a parent phone call. School policy is 1-day suspension on the 1st offense.
    • ONLY WATER is allowed in the classroom unless given special permission. Food and sugary drinks attract mice, scorpion, lizards and other animals inside, which makes Señora Cameron mad. You may also have gum so long as it does not become a problem.
    • Keep your hands to yourself. This is not kindergarten so please do not make me treat you as such.
    • Trash is allowed to be "shot" overhand towards the trashcan but ONLY from the designated mark and not while Señora Cameron is at the board. Violators will lose points and will be asked to leave.
    • Clean up after yourself! I am not your mother, maid, etc. and I will not pick up your trash or little bitty pieces of notebook paper on the ground.
    • “It’s OK to not KNOW, but it’s NOT OK to NOT TRY!” One of my favorite quotes. This class is mainly PARTICIPATION and all you need to do is TRY to pass the class.

    ** Deductions of points will be made daily for lack of participation, disruptions or disregard to classroom procedures