• Classroom Guidelines:

    1. In seat and working on mindset before tardy bell rings. You will be counted as tardy if this is not followed.

    2. Be prepared for class with your science notebook and pencil.

    3. Treat each person and property with dignity and respect.

    4. Follow directions the first time they are given.

    5. Follow all policies and procedures outlined in the Pride Matrix.

    6. Cellphones must be off and in backpack while in the mall area and classroom. 

    7. No Gum

    8. Please follow dress code.

    Discipline Steps:

    1st – Strike with form sent home

    2nd – Strike/Form/Lunch Detention (Failing to show up for lunch detention will result in a phone call home and referral.)

    3rd – Strike/Form/Lunch Detention

    4th – Office referral

    Immediate Office Referral: Fighting, Bullying, Profanity, Truancy, Damages School Property (including student’s), or is disrespectful (as defined by the teacher).

    **Each discipline step with consist of parental contact through either phone or email.

  • Classroom Procedures:

    1. Enter the room quietly, sit in assigned seat, review daily objective, and begin “mindset”.

    2. If tardy, you must have a tardy slip or note or you will be counted as tardyand have to serve detention.

    3. Remain in seat during instruction and give your full attention.

    4. Remain in seat throughout the class period unless given permission to do otherwise.

    5. You will not be allowed to leave the room during the first 15 min of class. (Beginning of instruction is very important.)

    6. During class discussion raise hand and wait to be called on.

    7. Use bathroom between classes.

    8. All homework/assignments must contain a heading and turned in the day it is due.

    9. If you are absent (excused) check homework folder for makeup assignments as well as Google Classroom. *It is the student’s responsibility to get all makeup work 

    10. During class dismissal the teacher dismisses you, not the bell. Wait for me to say “Have a nice day”.

  • Please follow all guidelines and procedures for a stress-free learning environment.

    Thank you!