Grading Policy

    All assignments that are turned in on time will have priority grading. Grades will updated on a regular basis. Late work will be graded after all other on-time assignments have been graded.

    Grading Breakdown

    Classwork/Participation 55%

    Projects 10%

    Quizzes and Tests 30%

    Homework 5%

    Classwork that is sent home to finish is still considered classwork and is graded as such.

    Please remember to check grades on student/parent VUE

    Grades checks will be sent home every two weeks on Monday.

    Parents need to sign and have students return it the next day.

    Always check your Google Classroom for online assignments, notes, and videos.

    Late Work

    Assignments are expected to be turned in at the beginning of class on the due date. 

    Late work will be deducted by 10% each day it is late.

    Extra time without deductions will be given in certain circumstances. 

    Test Retakes:

    A retake is allowed if all homework and classwork is completed. The student must complete a retake form and schedule a make-up date/time during lunch or before/after school. Students will have one week after the initial assessment to fill out retake form, turn in missing work, and schedule and make-up date/time.

    A retake is not a right, it is an opportunity that a student must earn. Students that take responsibility for their learning can achieve mastery.