• Google Classroom

    Google classroom is a tool that is utilized in our class for everything from assignments to discussions and reminder. In the google classroom all students will have access to any and all documents used in class. If students do not have internet access at home, hard copies will be provided upon request. It will be the student's responsibility to request hard copies.



    If you or your parents need to reach me outside of school hours, please send me an email. This is the fastest way to contact me. My email is rroach@goaj.org. If there is a serious matter, I will be happy to meet with you, at a time designated by you, to discuss any issues or concerns. Please be aware that this appointment must be set up ahead of time because I have many responsibilities and I want to be able to give you my undivided attention as well as the time you need.

    Class Policies and Procedures:

    Entering/Leaving the Classroom

    The expectation is that when the final bell rings, you are either silently waiting in line to get your science materials (once you gather the supplies, immediately begin mindset silently), or you are in your seat silently working on your mind set. At the conclusion of the class, I will dismiss you. I will work very hard to make sure that I end class promptly, but if I run over please remember that I dismiss the class, not the bell.

    For the safety of all (we are limited on the amount of space in the room because of desks, chairs, students, and other material), all belongings not needed in class will be kept in a designated area in the classroom, not on the back of your seat or under your table. Please help me to keep everyone safe and injury free in our class!

    At the beginning of class, all material needed for the day will be posted in the classroom on the board. Once your belongings are in the designated area, NO ONE will be permitted to go to that area for any reason. Please make sure you gather everything you need.

    It is expected that students use the restroom and get a drink between classes (passing period) so that they do not miss instructional time. With that, restroom/water breaks are not provided during the class period. Should an emergency arise, please see your teacher. If you have other concerns, please make arrangements before or after school to meet with your teacher to discuss your concerns.

    Electronic Devices

    All electronic devices are to be shut off at all times and put away in your backpack.

    Absent Policy

    Students will have the opportunity to make up any assignments that they were absent for, provided the absence is excused. In order to be the most productive for the student, I do ask that they participate in the Extended Learning Opportunity time.This is where I will have makeup assignments ready for all students who need them. I will not be able to do makeup work during the school day, as we will be moving on to the next assignment. Even if they don’t attend the Extended Learning Opportunity time, students will be given their assignment.

    Community Service

    In the event that students are unable to solve their own problems, arrangements have been made for a period of time that students will be expected to provide community service to our classroom. This will be during the school day and will not require parent transportation. Examples of community service could include (but are not limited to) scraping gum off the bottom of tables/desks/chairs (students are given protective wear), sweeping and mopping the classroom, washing walls, collecting trash, dusting, vacuuming, etc. Suggestions are always appreciated!

    Being Prepared

    Each and everyday you will be expected to come to class prepared. That means you are well rested, have eaten a healthy breakfast, have your school supplies, and are ready to take on the world.


    I will grade all work that is turned in on time. You will receive the grade that you earn. This means that if you work hard for an A you will receive an A. The grade is your choice, choose well!

    Assessment 30%

    Homework 5%

    Classroom Assignments 55%

    Projects 10%

    Late/Missing Work

    There will be a window of opportunity to turn in all assignments. If you fail to turn in your assignments during the assigned time, the work will not be accepted or graded. If you are absent on the day that an assignment is due, and it is an excused absence, you will have the same number of days to turn in the assignment. Any late or missing assignments will not be accepted if it is because of an unexcused absence.