Classroom News


    Dear Families, 

    Our Advanced Art program is going to be starting a study of Weaving in the next couple weeks. 

    We will be looking at Navajo rug weaving as a resource to support our learning.

    As an art teacher, I want to ensure that I provide our students with the most authentic information possible.  If anyone in your family has particular interest, personal knowledge or experience with this topic, we would value your input. 

    For this unit, we could use community help in the  following ways:

    - guest speaker on the topic of Navajo rugs and/or Navajo culture

    - authentic examples of Navajo rugs and/or materials used to make rugs

    - any materials you think would be useful resources in this lesson (books, magazines, videos, etc)

    If you are able to support our learning, please contact us in one of the following ways:

    Email - 

    Phone - (480) 677-7576 ext. 5411


    Ms. Baumann

    Cactus Canyon Junior High Art